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Field Trips

CAMP Flintlock conducts daytime field trips for public, private, and charter schools as well as home school groups. Participants will get to engage in a minimum of 5 hands on activities and the event can be held at your school or at our campsite!

Teachers wearing Colonial Clothes in front of our oval marquee tent
Teachers enjoy our Field Trips, too!

A Field Trip involves the following

Registration Process

  1. Review the online information about Field Trips, watch the 5-minute Field Trip Video, and browse the Field Trip Gallery.
  2. Download and complete registration form.
    • There is an $800 minimum for a Field Trip. Small groups may combine with other groups and/or sign up for add-ons to meet the minimum.
  3. Contact Camp Flintlock and discuss the available dates and number of activities.
    • The number of classes/groups will be the standard number of activities in the Field Trip, with a minimum of 5 activities at all Field Trips. For example, 6 classes/groups will get to participate in 6 activities during an event, but a Field Trip with only 3 classes/groups would still get the minimum number of activities, 5. (If your participants are already divided into classes of approximately 25–30 (e.g., most public schools), please keep these groups together unless you have made prior arrangements with us. For all other cases (e.g., most homeschool groups), please divide participants into classes or groups of 25–30.)
    • Camp Flintlock can conduct up to 7 activities during one school day. Therefore, if you have 8 or more classes/groups, the Field Trip will require more than one day to complete.
    • If you have less than 7 classes/groups but want Camp Flintlock to stay longer and conduct extra activities (i.e., provide a 6th and/or 7th activity), this can be done for a small fee. For example, if 5 or less classes/groups wanted to have 6 activities, they would need to pay for only one extra activity―the 6th; the other 5 activities, the standard minimum number, are already included in the base price.
  4. Submit the form.
    • If the event is at your school:
      1. Please include a brief description or sketch of the setup area for CF. We require a relatively flat, grassy area accessible by trailer in which to set up.
      2. Secure permission for CF staff to spend the night in tents to ensure the security of our equipment. This requires reserving the field or location where we set up for the evening before the field trip in order to avoid conflicts with sports or other extracurricular activities.
    • We are not able to indefinitely hold dates if we do not have a signed registration form on file. Many schools book a year in advance, so submit the form as soon as possible!
  5. Camp Flintlock will send you e-mail confirmation and a teacher information packet.


Participants making Indian Necklaces during a field trip
Indian Necklace Making
Participants getting ready for a game of Tug of War
Tug of War

Automatic Stations

Participants running to Leather Journal Making
Leather Journal Making
Participants hard at work writing with Quill & Ink
Quill & Ink Writing

Additional Stations to Choose From

A participant in the kitchen, getting ready to start cooking a special treat
Getting the Kitchen

Additional Items (Not Counted as an Activity)

* Denotes Additional Cost (See Registration Form For Details)

Sample Schedule & Map

A diagram of how a field trip might be conducted

Descriptions of Activities

Automatic Stations

Additional Stations to Choose From