Camp Flintlock was established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs. Tim Langdon of Four Oaks, North Carolina, with the idea that "people—particularly children—should have the opportunity to learn about history by living it." 

What initially began as a  Colonial American themed residential summer camp has grown to include day camps, field trips, online events, overnight encampments, and live fife & drum performances, as well as partnerships with several Colonial American historic sites, where we assist with various festivals and re-enactments.

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Meet the Staff
Our Facilities

The Camp Flintlock Staff are a family-friendly group of full- and part-time workers who enjoy sharing their love of history with the public. Below are some brief introductions to help you get to know our full-time employees.

Mr. Langdon

Mr. Tim Langdon's love for American history and the great outdoors emerged at an early age—as evidenced by his mohawk haircut when he was just five years old! While retaining these interests, he went on to receive his Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Today, Mr. Langdon helps to care for his aging mother while working full time as Owner & Director of Camp Flintlock. Mr. Langdon's favorite Camp Flintlock activity is Colonial Dress Up.
Mr. Langdon in colonial dress in front of the family's log cabin home

Mr. Adam

Mr. Adam Young, our Assistant Director, is originally from Georgia, were he previously worked as a park ranger at Wormsloe State Historic Site, and studied psychology at College of Coastal Georgia. He plays many instruments in the brass family, and has skill with the fife and drum. He is the drum major and a founding member of the NC Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps. His Favorite activity is tin punching

Mr. George

Mr. George Langdon—Mr. & Mrs. Langdon’s adult son—lives nearby and works full-time for the family business. Mr. George has a deep interest in music and plays the snare drum in the NC Volunteer Fife & Drum Corps. He also loves flags and is our official staff vexillologist. His energy and enthusiasm serve to enliven the already fun-filled Camp Flintlock experience. Mr. George cannot pick a favorite Camp Flintlock activity--they're all so much fun!
Mr. George in his natural state: goofy

Mr. Anthony

Originally from Indiana, Mr. Anthony Gramaglia has worked at various summer camps since 2009, most recently for the YMCA's Camp Kern in Ohio. Anthony has been a Civil War re-enactor since 2014. In February of 2020, he moved to North Carolina to work with Camp Flintlock, bringing the same passion for history to the Revolutionary War period. He is a huge fan of Batman and coffee. Mr. Anthony's favorite Camp Flintlock activities are Colonial Games, Quill & Ink Writing, and Candle Making.
Mr. Anthony in colonial dress, with obligatory coffee

Ms. Anna

A long-time friend of the Langdons, Ms. Anna Felsher has worked with the family for years--from babysitting to homeschool tutoring to assisting with the care of Mr. Langdon's elderly mother--and now works for Camp Flintlock as Office Manager. Ms. Anna has helped to bring Camp Flintlock into the digital age with online registration forms and was instrumental in designing our new online programs. She even helps out at field trips from time to time! Ms. Anna's favorite Camp Flintlock activity is Indian Necklace Making.
Ms. Anna runs a Zoom Field Trip during our Online Field Trip testing phase.

There's no place like home!

With the exception of Mr. George, the Langdon family resides in an Eighteenth-Century-style log home which Mr. Langdon built himself with the help of family and friends. Langdons have lived in this area for over 150 years, and many of the neighbors are relatives. Camp Flintlock Headquarters is located on this same property, but the Camp Flintlock Campsite is located about a mile down the road.
The Langdon family's log cabin home

CF Headquarters

1580 King Mill Rd

Up until 2015, Camp Flintlock was run entirely out of the Langdons' own home. Today--much to Mrs. Langdon's relief--the Camp Flintlock Headquarters are located in this warehouse on the Langdon family property. The facility houses all merchandise and supplies for the business, the main office, and the Camp Flintlock trucks and trailers--one for our local crew, and one for our away team.
The CF warehouse headquarters with trucks & trailer

Our Campsite

218 Hickory Grove Church Rd

The site of Camp Flintlock residential camp programs, most overnight encampments, and a number of Field Trips, our campsite boasts a hand-built log cabin, an outdoor kitchen, and an "Indian Village" complete with wigwam and a lean-to. The entrance to our campsite (pictured right) is marked by a low split-rail fence, two large flags, and a gravel track into the field that serves as the parking lot.
Gabrielle Langdon stands by the campsite entrance on a sunny day