Welcome to the 18th Century

Camp Flintlock specializes in hands-on historical education for children and adults. Our Field Trip Programs teach students about life in the American Colonies through a series of engaging activities. Our Summer Camps provide a more in-depth colonial experience, and our Overnight Encampments let adults try out 18th century life, as well! You can even have Camp Flintlock come to your private celebration, reenactment, or living history festival by booking a Special Event. And now introducing the NEW Camp Flintlock Online Programs! Schools and families can sign up to enjoy our trademark activities-based field trips online! See our Programs page for details and to sign up, or continue exploring our new website! 

The Educators page contains everything teachers and administrators need to prepare for their Camp Flintlock experience.

The Parents page contains anything a parent may want to know: what your child can expect at a Field Trip, how parents can help out, and even info on volunteering and employment opportunities for teenage children.

The Contact Us page contains our contact information. Please note that we communicate mainly through email and text since we are out of the office more often than not. If you are having trouble reaching us, please be patient and use an alternative method.

Coming soon! Keep an eye out for our Kids page. It will contain a variety of fun educational features and craft ideas!

And, last, but not least, check out our newly redesigned Online Store--now with more products and a more streamlined shopping experience!

Field Trips Are Our Specialty!