Our programs are all about teaching Colonial American history through fun, hands-on activities. Whether it’s a field trip, one of our summer camps, or one of our many public events, your child will enjoy not just learning about the Colonial American period, but living it!

Parents can now sign their children up for private Online Field Trips! Perfect for virtual parties or even just a fun afternoon at home with the kids! See Private Online Field Trips below to register.

Check out all of our programs on our Programs page, or see below to learn how to prepare for your child's School Field Trip.

Camp Flintlock offers volunteering and employment opportunities to teenagers. We also have a volunteer Fife & Drum Corps which does live musical performances. See below for details and to apply.

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Original School Field Trips
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Camps & Camping

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Teen Volunteer & Employment Opportunities
Fife & Drum Corps

Camp Flintlock participates in many public events such as Fourth of July celebrations, Christmas parades, and various historic festivals. At these events, Camp Flintlock typically offers live Fife & Drum Musik and/or free hands-on activities such as Quill & Ink Writing. Click the button below to check our calendar and to plan a visit!

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Now Introducing:

Camp Flintlock Online Field Trips!

It's not just public schools that can book a Field Trip with Camp Flintlock! Homeschool groups, Scout troups, and other private organizations can register for an Original Field Trip, too. (See our Educators page for more information.)

And, now, with Camp Flintlock's new online programs, anyone can order an online Field Trip for as few as a single participant! No minimum fees or attendance are needed for Online Field Trips!

See our Programs page for more information on the different types of Online Field Trips. 

Please Note: Unless you are scheduling an event several weeks in advance, it is recommended that private individuals order Online Field Trips through the Camp Flintlock Online Store rather than the lengthier, but more customizable process of an online registration form.

At a Camp Flintlock Field Trip, participants get a chance to travel back in time and engage in several authentic, hands-on colonial activities! 

Camp Flintlock Original Field Trips may take place at your child's school (or other specified location) or at the Camp Flintlock campsite in Four Oaks, NC.

Online Field Trips may take place at your child’s school or in your home.

Scroll down for more details.

CF Original Field Trips

At your school or our campsite!

Original School Field Trips

To keep costs down, Camp Flintlock makes use of parent volunteers at Original Field Trips. At least 10 parent volunteers are needed at every Original Field Trip, and some Field Trips require more. See Parent Volunteers below for details. (Your child's school may also opt for an Online Field Trip.)

Preparing your child for an Original Field Trip:

  • Check the weather forecast and have your child dress appropriately.
  • If the day will be hot, have your child bring a water bottle.
  • Tennis shoes or other close-toed athletic shoes are best, regardless of the weather.
  • Have your child bring a small bag to carry their crafts & any purchases.
  • Discuss with your child how much it is appropriate to spend in the Camp Flintlock Store. Our store contains over one hundred items, starting at just $1: arrowheads, quill pens, colonial coins, jewelry & accessories, flint & steel kits, toys & games, etc. Most of these items can be viewed in our Online Store. For safety reasons, bladed tools such as knives or tomahawks are not sold at school field trips.
  • Watch our Original Field Trip introduction video (below) & download the Parent Letter to get a better idea of what to expect from a camp Flintlock Field Trip. Parent Letter (Original Field Trip).pdf

Parent Volunteers

(Not required for online field trips) We greatly appreciate all our parent volunteers for making our field trips a fun and affordable experience!

  • How many volunteers do you need?

    Two volunteers are needed per activity. The number of activities varies based on your school's selection, but each Field Trip requires at least 10 volunteers. And the more the merrier! Extra volunteers are always welcome! For homeschool groups, teenagers 15 years and older may serve as volunteers. Parent Volunteers are not required for online events.

  • What does a Parent Volunteer do?

    Parent volunteers assist the Camp Flintlock staff in teaching activities. As a volunteer, you stay at your station and teach each new group how to do your activity. Activities are easy to learn and easy to teach, and no one will be forced into public speaking--there are other ways you can help if you'd rather not speak.

  • Where will my Field Trip take place?

    Your child's teacher should notify you of the event's location. Some Field Trips take place at a location selected by your Organization (e.g. school campus). Others take place at Camp Flintlock's campsite (218 Hickory Grove Church Rd, Four Oaks, NC). Please note that this is a different location from what comes up when you Google "Camp Flintlock." See our Directions page for printable driving directions (link is in the page footer).

  • When should I arrive?

    There is a brief training period at the beginning of each Field Trip, in which parent volunteers learn their stations. Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your Field Trip for station assignments and training. If you are unsure when your Field Trip starts, please contact your child's teacher.

  • What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?

    Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet most of the time, so something like tennis shoes or athletic footwear that provides good support is best. If the weather is hot, be sure to bring a water bottle. Depending on the length of your field trip, you may need to pack a lunch. You may also want to bring a camera or cell phone to take pictures.

  • How long will my Field Trip last?

    The length of a field trip depends on the number of activities selected. Field Trips typically last 4-5 hours. Contact your child's teacher for a more precise estimate.

  • I'd love to help, but have to take care of my younger child(ren).

    Bring them along! Children 5 years old and younger may attend a Camp Flintlock Field Trip for free. Depending on the circumstances, your younger child may have to stay with you at your station, but he or she is free to participate. (Some activities, like Necklace Making, are for paid participants only, while others, like Tomahawk Throw, are too dangerous or difficult for little ones.)

  • No hablo inglés.

    Desafortunadamente, Camp Flintlock actualmente no tiene ningún traductor del personal. Aún asi hay oportunidades de ayudar entonces si usted lo puede por favor venga. ¡Agradecemos su apoyo y esperamos verle en el viaje de campo!

  • I can't find the answer to my question.

    Please direct any questions to your child's teacher and/or the Field Trip Coordinator (the teacher or administrator who registered for the event). Camp Flintlock is only equipped to answer questions from one Field Trip Coordinator per Organization.

Online School Field Trips

Online Field Trips may take place in your child's classroom or in your home. There are three different types of Online Field Trips:

  1. In-Class Field Trip - This includes a 2-hour Field Trip Video & craft materials. Your child will do this Field Trip in class.
  2. Virtual Learning Field Trip - This includes a 2-hour Field Trip Video & a Field Trip Kit containing craft materials, which you should receive from your child's school.
  3. Digital-Only Field Trip - This field trip features a shorter video and a printable Activity Packet in place of the Field Trip Kit.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare your child for an In-Class Field Trip, but if your child's event is taking place at home, he or she will need:

  • To watch the video above to get a better idea of what to expect from a Camp Flintlock Online Field Trip
  • A computer or other free-standing device with internet access
  • A flat surface to work on
  • A small container for craft materials (if you received a Field Trip Kit in the mail)
  • The Activity Packet (for Digital-Only Field Trips) or Field Trip Kit (Virtual Learning Field Trip). You should receive this from your child's teacher.
  • Clear floor space in which to move for the Manners & Dancing portion of the Field Trip
  • Optional but highly recommended: A partner. A parent, sibling, friend, or classmate who can help the child with crafts, play against them in the board games, and/or dance with them during the dancing segment would greatly enhance the experience. For Virtual Learning Field Trips, parents may even choose to order additional Field Trip Kit(s) to allow a partner to join in on all the activities! For Digital-Only Field Trips, Camp Flintlock encourages printing up to 3 extra copies of the Activity Packets, free of charge, so that other family members may participate.

Summer Camps

This is your great-great-grandma’s camping! All Camp Flintlock overnight and residential camps take place entirely outdoors, with campers staying in primitive canvas tents, sleeping on straw mattresses, and cooking over a real fire. Due to state regulations, simple bathroom facilities are provided, and we do allow the use of flashlights, but otherwise, campers live just as they would have in colonial times, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide them through the experience.

For younger children, consider our Day Camp!

Camp Flintlock plans to announce dates and open registration at the end of February, 2021.

Overnight Encampments

Summer camps are intended for children and teens, but Overnight Encampments are for all ages! Camp Flintlock offers year-round Overnight Encampments for Scout troops, homeschool groups, or even just a group of friends who enjoy roughing it in the great outdoors, colonial-style! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide your group through various colonial activities, including cooking over a fire, chopping wood, throwing a tomahawk, and more! Click below to learn more and to plan your stay!

Children under 5 years of age attend free. Minimum of 20 paid participants is required to book an Overnight Encampment.

Camp Flintlock welcomes part-time teen employees! Too young to work? We accept volunteers as young as 13. We understand that there are many restrictions and demands on a teenager's time. We will work with your schedule.

Camp Flintlock offers daily wages (paid monthly) and a family-friendly work environment. No particular skills or expertise needed, just a teachable attitude! All training is provided.

This is not a boring job, and it makes for great work experience! Click below to apply.

Adults & children 10 years & up, beginners welcome! Fife & drum lessons provided.

The NC Volunteer Fife & Drum Corps (NCV) performs at a variety of events including historic reenactments, festivals, and parades on weekends and holidays. We typically have one performance per month, and not all members need attend all events. Come performances may only be a friends and family show.

Performances are always done in colonial dress (clothing provided) on reproduction instruments. Drums are provided, but fifes must be purchased ($15 from the Camp Flintlock Store).

We meet Saturdays 9:00am-11:00am at our headquarters in Four Oaks, NC.

Dues are $30 a month. Families with multiple NCV members pay a discounted price: $25 per member per month.

Click the buttons below to learn more or apply.