Price: $275 per class (25 participants + 1 teacher). Free shipping!

Classes larger than 25 students? Make up the difference with Extra Student Kits ($12.50 each) or by ordering an additional In-Class Kit. Contact Camp Flintlock to find your most cost-effective solution.

Camp Flintlock's online programs are powered by Thinkific, an online education platform that arranges programs into "courses." When you register for an Online Field Trip, you are enrolled in an online "course" that includes:

-A checklist of items to have ready for your Field Trip

-The Field Trip Video

-An optional survey requesting your feedback on our new program

Once Camp Flintlock has received payment, your field trip materials will be shipped to you and you will be granted access to this "course" for 30 days (there is an option to schedule this access window in advance by registering with the Online Registration Form). In that time, you may view the Field Trip Video as many times as you choose. See below for more information.

What's included?


How does an In-Class Field Trip go?

Field Trip Access
Field Trip Materials
Share the Field Trip Video

In-Class Field Trip FAQs
Cancellations & Postponements

What's Included?

A Camp Flintlock In-Class Field Trip includes a 115 minute Field Trip Video and comes with the following materials for each child:

-A Field Trip Handbook containing coloring pages and questions about the material learned.

-Various craft materials (see Field Trip Materials, below, for a more complete list).

-Recipes for an authentic colonial meal.

-Pop Quiz prizes (3 per class) from the Camp Flintlock Store.

A few additional items that cannot easily be shipped are needed to complete the Field Trip:

-A large container of water in which to soak the husks for Corn Husk Doll Making. A large pot or a five-gallon bucket will hold enough husks for an entire class. (You may also want to have towels/paper towels on hand to clean up any spills.)

-Scissors to cut excess string off the Corn Husk Dolls.

-A couple small pieces of scotch tape per participant. These will be used in the Fan Making activity.


Below is a brief summary of the activities covered in an In-Class Field Trip:


Hear and learn about military music , and see a flintlock firearms demonstration.

Dress Up

Learn about traditional colonial dress for both boys and girls, as well as the language of the fan.

Fan Making

Make your own paper fan as you hear about the origins and importance of folding fans in Colonial American society.

Colonial Games

Learn how to play three colonial board games. Keep your gameboard and test your skill against family and friends.

Manners & Dancing

Practice your proper bow and curtsey, then join us for some simple colonial dances.

Bracelet Making Learn a special knot, then use it to turn a string into a friendship bracelet.

Indian Song

Sing along with a traditional Cherokee song.

Indian Necklace Making Make an authentic Indian necklace as you learn about trade practices between the Europeans and Indians in the early 1700s.
Corn Husk Doll Making Make a classic Corn Husk Doll and learn about the Iroquois myth that explains why the Corn Husk Doll has no face.
CF Store See a brief tour of the Camp Flintlock Store. All items shown are available for sale in our Online Store.

Cooking Demonstration

Learn how to cook the recipes provided in your Activity Packet as well as how to flip your food without a spatula!

Pop Quiz The teacher will pause the video at this point and ask questions from the Student Handbook. Correct answers get a fabulous prize from the Camp Flintlock Store!


Review what you've learned and catch up on any questions in the Handbook that you may have missed.


Watch the Camp Flintlock staff try to catch a ball fired from a real cannon!

How does an In-Class Field Trip go?


Register through the Online Store for a quick and easy registration experience and access to your Field Trip as soon as possible.


Register via our online Registration Form to schedule your Field Trip more than 4 weeks in advance. (This registration method also allows for payment by check.)

A Thinkific account is automatically created for you, and login information is sent via email when your Field Trip materials ship (or instantaneously, with Store registration). You will use this account to access the In-Class Field Trip.

For Schools/Organizations: Camp Flintlock does not recommend sharing login information with participants.


Field Trip Access

Access to the Field Trip "course" will be granted when your Field Trip materials ship (see "Field Trip Materials" below for shipping details). This gives you time to make sure you know how to share the Field Trip via your organization's virtual learning platform, if necessary.

Once granted, access is valid for 30 days.


Field Trip Materials

Materials for this type of Field Trip are packaged by the "class." Each class package will have enough of the following for 25 participants:

-Student Handbook (1) containing coloring pages and questions about the material learned.

-Coloring sheet (1) that is folded into a fan during the course of the Field Trip. Please note: Participants may want to color these in advance.

-Game board & pieces (beans) for Colonial Games. (Warning! Choking Hazard!)

-Long string (1) for Bracelet Making.

-Imitation sinew and authentic beads for Indian Necklace Making (Warning! Choking Hazard!)

-Dried corn husks (4) and short strings for Corn Husk Doll Making

-Recipe sheet (1) for the dishes made during the Cooking Demo.

As mentioned above, there are a few items that Camp Flintlock is unable to supply:

-A large container of water for soaking the husks for Corn Husk Doll Making. A large pot or bucket will hold enough husks for an entire class. You may also want to have towels/paper towels on hand to clean up any spills.

-Scissors to cut excess strings off the Corn Husk Dolls.

-A couple small pieces of scotch tape per participant. These will be used in the Fan Making activity.


Share the Field Trip Video

This Field Trip is designed for In-Class viewing, and is best displayed on your classroom television or projector screen. As viewing equipment will vary, it is up to the Field Trip Coordinator to determine exactly how this will be accomplished.

Please Note: No payment or billing information is attached to Thinkific accounts, but Camp Flintlock still strongly discourages teachers from sharing this login information with students.

In-Class Field Trip FAQs

  • I want to schedule my Field Trip more than 4 weeks in advance

    In-Class Field Trip orders made through the Camp Flintlock Store are fulfilled as soon as possible (we estimate 1 week for kits to ship, and another 2-4 days to arrive). Field Trip access is valid for 30 days from the ship date. If you would like to plan your Field Trip more than 4 weeks in advance, Camp Flintlock recommends ordering your Field Trip using the Field Trip Registration Form (above). Using this form rather than the online store also allows for non-electronic payment methods.

  • My Organization cannot pay electronically

    Some schools and other organizations do not authorize the use of a credit card/PayPal to purchase online field trips. If this is the case for your Organization, simply complete the Field Trip Registration Form (above) and remit payment via your preferred method (e.g. mailed check). Orders will not be filled until payment is received.

  • When can I expect my Field Trip materials to arrive?

    All materials are packaged by hand at Camp Flintlock's headquarters. Depending on our current volume, packing may take up to a week. Once shipped, your Field Trip Kit(s) may take an additional 2-4 days to arrive. Please allow at least 10 days from the time your order is placed to the time your materials arrive.

  • How can I distribute Field Trip materials to participants?

    This Field Trip is designed to be conducted in the classroom. Materials are packaged in bulk for 25 participants per package. The Coordinator will distribute these packages to each class. Teachers can then distribute materials to their students directly.

  • How long will I have access to the Field Trip Video?

    Field Trip Video access is granted when materials ship and is valid for 30 days. Anyone with the login information for the Field Trip "course" may watch the video as many times as they choose during this period. *Camp Flintlock does not recommend giving login information to participants.*

  • How do I share the Field Trip Video with participants?

    The Field Trip Video is best displayed on classroom televisions or projector screens. Your Field Trip Coordinator may choose to display the video remotely to the classroom TVs, or may give the login information to each teacher so that they may pause and rewind the video at will. The precise method for displaying an internet video on a classroom TV will vary. If nothing else, teachers should be able use an HDMI cable or casting app to connect a computer or other device to the classroom TV. Camp Flintlock is not equipped to offer technical support for this aspect of the Field Trip. Please consult your AV or IT team for assistance. *Camp Flintlock does not recommend sharing login information with participants.*

  • Some of my participants missed the Field Trip/need more time to finish. Can I share my login information so they can watch it on their own time?

    Camp Flintlock does not recommend sharing login information with participants, but the choice is ultimately yours. You may show the Field Trip Video as many times as you choose during the access window, so you may consider a second showing or even a remote showing via your school's virtual learning platform.

  • No hablo inglés.

    Camp Flintlock actualmente no tiene una opción en español para nuestros programas en línea. Trabajamos en añadir subtítulos en español a nuestros videos de viajes de campo en línea lo más pronto posible.

Cancellations & Postponements

To cancel or postpone an In-Class Field Trip, simply contact us with your request. Be sure to give the email address you registered with.

Any such requests must be made before materials ship. 

Once materials ship, a cancellation becomes a return, and you will be required to pay return shipping fees. Refunds will be issued once your return is received.