A Camp Flintlock Original Field Trip is an in-person, hands-on experience of life in the American colonies circa the Revolutionary War. 

Each Field Trip includes a minimum of 5 activities (30 min each) as well as an Introduction and Conclusion (also 30 minutes each), complete with  a pop quiz and prizes!

Teachers lead their classes from station to station to complete the activities while Parent Volunteers stay at assigned stations and assist the Camp Flintlock staff in leading the activities.

There is an $900 minimum for all Original Field Trips. 

See below for more information on how an Original Field Trip is run, a list of available activities, an explanation of fees, etc.

How does an Original Field Trip go?

Sample Schedule
Activities, Add-Ons, & Fees
Registration & Scheduling
Preparing for Your Event

Cancellations & Postponements
Original Field Trip FAQs

How does an Original Field Trip go?

Camp Flintlock Original Field Trips are highly customizable, meaning the your Field Trip will vary based on the selections made by the Field Trip Coordinator

Whether taking place at our campsite in Four Oaks, NC or your school campus/other location, all Original Field Trips include:

-A Colonial Encampment. Our staff sets up a number of primitive tents the evening before the event.

-Live Fife & Drum Musik at carpool or as your group arrives at the campsite. Our staff plays lively, authentic period pieces such as "Yankee Doodle," "Welcome Here Again," and "Easy Quick Step."

-A Colonial Firearms Demonstration (blanks only, no bullets). If the event is taking place at your location, your permission is required, and you may choose not to allow firearms as part of the Field Trip at all, to allow our staff to present and talk about the flintlock musket, or to allow the full demonstration in which our staff (and a teacher or two) may fire a blank from the musket.

-A Lunch Break, if desired. Some organizations opt to wait and have lunch after the Field Trip.

Sample Schedule

Below is a sample schedule of how a typical Field Trip might go.

Please Note: Your Field Trip will most likely be different from this sample schedule. Teachers will be given a customized schedule the day of the event.


Your Field Trip may take place in either of the following locations:

-The Camp Flintlock Campsite, located in Four Oaks, NC. Our campsite features a number of hand-built structures, such as a mud-chinked log cabin and an reproduction Native American structures in addition to our usual colonial tents. Please Note: The address that you'll find by Googling "Camp Flintlock" is for our headquarters, not our campsite. See the Directions page to view our campsite in Google Maps and for printable driving directions.

-Your campus/other location. Camp Flintlock will come to your school/organization's campus within our regular service area: NC, SC, GA, VA, & MD. Travel fees apply to any Field Trips conducted away from our campsite (see Activities, Add-Ons, & Fees below for details). If you are located outside these states, please contact Camp Flintlock. We may still be able to serve you! Please Note: Some organizations, such as homeschool groups, do not have a campus. In such cases, Camp Flintlock will come to whatever site your group is able to secure (eg a park, private property, etc.).

Activities, Add-Ons, & Fees

Original Field Trips start at $14 per participant for a base number of activities determined by the number of classes in your group (see Base Number of Activities, below). Camp Flintlock highly recommends printing the 2-page Field Trip Planning Sheet, below, and using it to plan your selections. It contains descriptions of the various activities as well as a breakdown of fees to help estimate your cost. Having this sheet on hand will be very helpful when registering for your Original Field Trip.

CF Field Trip Planning Sheet.pdf

Travel Fees by Location (per participant):

As mentioned above, any events taking place off-site (meaning not at the Camp Flintlock Campsite) will incur a travel fee. This fee is per participant and varies by state, but is generally comparable to, and simpler than, arranging to bus students to our campsite in Four Oaks, NC. See the chart below.

Camp Flintlock Campsite
(Four Oaks, NC)
North Carolina $6.00
South Carolina & Virginia $7.00
Georgia & Maryland $7.50
Other Please contact Camp Flintlock

Activities included in base fee ($14/participant):

Each Original Field Trip includes 3 Automatic Activities (Dress Up & Store, Colonial Games, & Native American or West-African Necklace Making) and 2-4 additional activities of your choosing, for a total of 5-7 activities. The goal is to have at least one activity per class (25-30 students), so groups of more than 5 classes may choose additional activities at no additional charge.

1-5 classes
(~25-150 participants)
3 Automatic Activities + 2 activities of your choice
6 classes
(~125-180 participants)
3 Automatic Activities + 3 activities of your choice
7 classes
(~150-210 participants)
3 Automatic Activities + 4 activities of your choice
8+ classes
(~200+ participants)
Consider splitting your group and doing the Field Trip over multiple days (number of activities is based on number of classes per day)

Extra Activities: Groups that have not already hit the 7-Activity maximum may opt to select Extra Activities at $3.25 per participant.

There are also a couple of non-activity Add-Ons you may add to your Field Trip to enhance the colonial experience (additional fees apply, see the Field Trip Planning Sheet or "Description of Activities & Add-Ons" below for details).

Please Note: Some activities use specialized materials, and thus incur an additional materials fee. See the Field Trip Planning Sheet or "Description of Activities & Add-Ons" below for details.

Description of Activities & Add-Ons:

Dress Up & Store


Try on traditional colonial dress (over street clothes) and learn about the language of the fan, then shop in our Camp Flintlock Store!

Colonial Games


Play a variety of outdoor games including Hoop Race, Graces, & Tug of War!

Necklace Making* 

(Native American or West African)


Make a traditional necklace with authentic materials! Your choice of Native American or West African necklace. (Due to the difficulty level, West African Necklace is only recommended for 3rd grade & up.)

Beeswax Candle Making*

(Materials Fee: $2.00)

One of our most popular activities! Make a real beeswax candle using the dip method.

Block Printmaking*

Create pictures, 1700s-style! Use a hand-carved block of wood to print images on paper.

Bracelet Making* 

(3rd grade & up)

Learn how to turn a string into a friendship bracelet.

Cord Making*

Weave a cord of seven strands with a simple method that will captivate even the most restless students.

Face Paint & Story

Hear the adoption narrative of James Smith, a colonist captured and adopted by Caughnawaga Tribe, then try on some Native style face paint yourself.

Knot Tying 

(3rd grade & up)

Learn some handy knots such as the square knot, the granny knot, the bowline knot, and more!

Leather Journal Making*

(Materials Fee: $4.00)

Bind your own leather journal!

Quill & Ink Writing*

Our most popular activity! Learn to write like Thomas Jefferson with a turkey feather quill.

Rag Doll Making*
(Materials Fee: $1.50)
Make your own doll out of cloth & yarn, just as children did in colonial times.
Rounders A fun and exciting field game--the colonial precursor to baseball. Players hit a ball, run bases, and are "out" when hit with a soft leather ball.
Sword Fighting Use padded swords to test your fencing skills.
Tomahawk Throw 
(3rd grade & up)
Throw tomahawk at a wooden target.
(New!) Corn Husk Doll Making* 
(3rd grade & up)
(Materials Fee: $3.00)
Make a traditional Native American corn husk doll. You may even learn why the story of why the corn husk doll has no face!
(New!) Tin Punching* 
(Materials Fee: $3.00)
Use the classic art of tin punching to make a decorative ornament.
Campfire Wassail
(Add-On: $1.50)
A non-alcoholic version of the colonial hot drink (essentially spiced tea with fruit juice).
Store Credit
(Add-On: Whole dollar amount, min. $2.00)
Give each of your participants credit to use in the Camp Store. Store items start at $2. $5-$10 of credit is recommended. For safety reasons, CF does not sell knives, tomahawks, or bull whips at school field trips.

*denotes a craft that participants may take home.

Registration & Scheduling

To register for an Original Field Trip, simply fill out an Online Registration Form. You may wish to have the Field Trip Planning Sheet on hand with all your selections made. Please be sure that the contact information given is for the person who will be serving as your Field Trip Coordinator.

Once Camp Flintlock has received your Registration Form, our staff will contact your Field Trip Coordinator (or he/she may contact us) by email to discuss a date for your Field Trip.

Please Note: There is an $900 minimum for all Original Field Trips. If you do not have the numbers to meet this minimum (at $14.00 a head, you would need 64 participants), then consider selecting Extra Activities, Activities that carry material fees, Add-Ons, or even hosting the event at your own location, as these will raise your cost per participant, making it easier to reach the $900 minimum. Homeschool groups regularly meet this minimum by combining with other homeschool groups, inviting neighbors, etc.

Please Note: Selecting a date on the Registration Form does not guarantee a reservation. Many of our events are booked several months to a year in advance, and your desired date may or may not be available, particularly in the months of September and April, as these are our busiest times of the year.

Preparing for Your Event

Once your Registration Form has been received and a date scheduled, Camp Flintlock will send the Field Trip Coordinator an official confirmation email containing several helpful documents:

-A Parent Letter. This lets parents know what's going on and helps in drumming up Parent Volunteers to assist in conducting the Field Trip. This letter can also be found here.

-A Registration & Cost Summary. This is a 2 page summary of your selections (not an invoice) for your to review. If you wish to make any changes, please contact us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

-A Press Release, should you wish to notify any local news outlets of the event.

In the week or so before your Field Trip, we will send reminder emails that the Field Trip Coordinator may forward to teachers and parents. These contain helpful tips on how to make the most of your Camp Flintlock Field Trip.

For events taking place in at your location, please be sure to have any gates unlocked so that our staff may bring in the CF truck and trailer.

On the day of your event, our staff will distribute maps and schedules to teachers so that everyone knows where to go and when. "Yankee Doodle" will be played on the fife to remind participants when to move on to the next activity.


You may wait until the day of the event in order to pay for the exact number of participants in attendance, if you so choose. $100 deposit may be required to complete registration.

Payment can be made via:

-PayPal to [email protected]

-Credit Card called in to (919) 938-1776

-Check mailed to 1580 King Mill Road, Four Oaks, NC 27524 or handed to our staff on the day of the event

Cancellations & Postponements

Camp Flintlock Original Field Trips must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start time. We do ask that you notify us as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary labor and so that we may be free to offer your date to another Organization.

Postponement requires re-scheduling and may mean pushing the event back a matter of months, depending upon how far in advance we are notified and how full our Field Trip schedule is.

Original Field Trips take place rain or shine. Most activities can be done in tents, or even in classrooms, if need be. Camp Flintlock only cancels/postpones a Field Trip in the event of dangerously inclement weather (eg thunderstorms, extreme cold or heat, etc). In the event of a postponement, the event will be rescheduled as quickly as possible.

Original Field Trip FAQs

  • Who is the Field Trip Coordinator?

    The Field Trip Coordinator is the person who serves as Camp Flintlock's contact within your organization. Any correspondence regarding Field Trips should come through the Coordinator. See "Planning Your Field Trip" on the Educators page for a more complete description of the duties of a Field Trip Coordinator.

  • Why do we need Parent Volunteers?

    Parent Volunteers help to keep costs down by reducing the number of Camp Flintlock staff needed at each event. Volunteers are trained in a certain activity and remain at that station throughout the event. At least 2 volunteers are needed per activity. Teachers who are not leading a class and children 15 years of age or older may serve as Volunteers. For more information, please see "Parent Volunteers" on the Parent page.

  • Who can be a participant?

    Children under the age of 5 are free to attend a Field Trip with their parent, but not as a paid participant. (Please note: Certain activities are open to paid participants only, eg Necklace Making.) Children (and adults) 5 years of age and up can be paid participants and can take part in every activity. The teachers and volunteers who assist in running the Field Trip do not count as participants and do not have to pay to attend, but, if an event has an excess of volunteers and one of these "extra" parents would like to go through the Field Trip with their child, he or she may pay to be a participant.

  • How do I register?

    Unlike our Online Field Trips, the only way to register for an Original Field Trip is through our Online Registration Form (see the button in the banner at the top of this page). Simply fill out this form, then schedule a date with Camp Flintlock. The Field Trip Planning Sheet is very helpful in selecting Activities & Add-Ons, but does not serve as a Registration Form.

  • How many activities can I choose?

    Three activities are automatic with every Original Field Trip: Dress Up & Store, Colonial Games, & Indian or West African Necklace Making. You may choose 2-4 activities on top of these automatic activities. Whether or not you will be charged any Extra Activities fees depends upon your number of classes. See "Activities, Add-Ons, & Fees" and the Field Trip Planning Sheet above for details.

  • I want to do Tomahawk Throw, but some of my participants are too young.

    Tomahawk Throw is not recommended for children below 3rd grade, as it is too difficult and dangerous for little ones. But it's also a very popular and fun activity, so what we often do is run an alternate activity alongside Tomahawk Throw (typically Sword Fighting). Older participants can throw a tomahawk while younger participants fence with padded swords. No additional charge applies, and the alternate activity does not count toward your 7-activity maximum.

  • I am outside the camp Flintlock service region.

    Our typical service area covers Maryland, Virginia, North & South Carolina, & Georgia. If you are outside this region but are interested in an Original Field Trip, please contact Camp Flintlock to discuss the possibility of a Field Trip at your location. You may also consider an Online Field Trip!

  • My group is small. I may have trouble reaching the $900 minimum.

    Homeschool groups often run into this difficulty, but often get around it by combining with other homeschool groups, inviting neighbors, etc. to boost their numbers. Parents may even attend as paid participants rather than as volunteers (and get to participate in every activity). You can also raise your cost per participant by selecting Extra Activities, Add-Ons, Activities that carry material fees, and even changing the Field Trip location. This makes it easier to reach the minimum with fewer participants. See "Activities, Add-Ons, & Fees" and the Field Trip Planning Sheet, above, for details.

  • What is Camp Flintlock's rain plan?

    Original Field Trips take place rain or shine. Most activities can be done in tents, if need be. Camp Flintlock only cancels/postpones a Field Trip in the event of dangerously inclement weather (eg thunderstorms, extreme cold or heat, etc). Oftentimes, on-campus events can be moved indoors into gyms or even classrooms. In the event of a postponement, the event will be rescheduled as quickly as possible.