Camp Flintlock conducts overnight camping events for public, private, and charter schools as well as home school groups, scout troops, historic sites, churches, clubs and other organizations. Have it at our campsite or your location!

Overnight Encampment Video
Encampment Details
Customizing Your Event

Length of Stay
Standard Activities
Additional Activities

Registration Process

Camper Details Form

What to Expect
What to Pack

Banned Items

Encampment Details

  • Participants

    20-100 participants. Children aged 5 and under are not considered participants and may attend for free, but please be aware many of our activities will be too difficult for little ones.

  • Cost

    $60 per participant per night. Again, children under 5 do not count as participants. Non-refundable deposit required: $200 or 10% (whichever is larger).

  • Scheduling

    Encampments may last 1-2 nights and typically take place on a weekend. Contact camp Flintlock to discuss dates for your event. (Dates requested in registration forms are not automatically reserved.)

  • Equipment

    Colonial clothes, tools, firewood, cooking equipment, primitive tents, straw mattresses, and bathroom facilities provided.

  • Activities

    Some activities are set, but others are customizable. Some result in a craft you may keep. All are fun and engaging. See below for a full list.

  • Food

    Authentic colonial meals and drinks provided (3 meals for a 1-night stay, and 5 meals for a 2-night stay). Meals contain a meat, a starch, & a vegetable.

Customizing Your Event

Length of Stay & Activities

Length of Stay

Overnight Encampments are 1-2 night stays typically starting on a Friday evening. A number of factors are affected by the length of your stay:

One Night Two Nights
Cost per Participant $60 $120
Meals Provided 3 5
Additional Activities 1 2

Standard Activities

Every Overnight Encampment includes the following activities:

  • Sleeping in a Colonial Tent
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Colonial Meals
  • Wearing Colonial Clothing
  • Collecting and Chopping Wood
  • Hauling Water
  • Washing Tinware
  • Character Discussion
  • Colonial Store
  • Indian Necklace Making
  • Period Musik
  • Shooting a Musket
  • Artillery Demo
  • Throwing a Tomahawk
  • Historical Reading

Additional Activities

You may pick one of the following activities per night of your stay.

Play the colonial precursor to baseball!
Fife & Drum Instruction Don't just listen to our live music--learn to play, yourself!
Sword Fighting Fight with padded swords!
Knot-Tying Learn a variety of knots--an essential skill in a world before zippers and plastic buckles
Beeswax Candle Making Make a beeswax candle using the traditional dip method
Block Printmaking Create engraved images using the block printing technique
Cord Making Learn to weave your own seven-strand cord
Bracelet Making Make a string bracelet using the monkey chain knot
Quill & Ink Writing Test your dexterity by learning to write with a quill pen, just like Jefferson & Madison!
Rag Doll Making Make your own classic toy--the rag doll!
Colonial Games Learn & play a variety of period games such as Hoop Race, Graces, & Double Ball

Registration Process

Please register for your encampment at least a month in advance, as our schedule does fill up, particularly in the months of April and October. The following are needed in order to complete your registration:

  • Registration Form with your customized selections (see below)

  • Date(s) for your event (schedule by phone or email with Camp Flintlock)

  • Non-refundable deposit of $200 or 10% (whichever is greater)

  • Camper Details Form submitted at least 2 weeks before your encampment (see below)

Camper Details

Certain information (numbers, ages, clothing sizes, etc) are needed in order to ensure we have colonial clothing for all our campers.

Below is a link to the Camper Details form. Please download and print as many as needed, and email to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to your stay: 


What to Expect

Sample Schedule

Your group will be divided into teams for the purposes of assigning duties, etc. Below is a sample schedule of what your stay might look like.

Blue Team Red Team
Friday Evening: Arrive at Campsite
Tent Assignment Clothing Issued
Clothing Issued Tent Assignment
Tinware Issued, Supper Served, Wash Tinware
Clean Up Miscellaneous Chores
Historical Reading
Get Ready for Bed
"Hit the Hay"
Saturday, 6:30 am: Wake Up to Fife & Drum Musik
Collect/Split Wood Cook Breakfast
Character Discussion
Snack & Bathroom Break
Shoot Musket Colonial Games
Colonial Games Shoot Musket
Finish Cooking Dinner Tomahawk Throw
Dinner (mid-day meal) Served & Wash Tinware
Clean Up Miscellaneous chores
Musik & Dancing
Tomahawk Throw Store
Store Return Equipment
Return Equipment Clean Up Campsite
Artillery Demonstration & Conclusion
Load up & Depart

What to Pack

(and what not to pack)

Print Packing List

Each camper should have:

  • Bedding (i.e.: sleeping bag, pad, and tarp)
  • Toiletries
  • A small flashlight with new batteries
  • Non-aerosol Bug Repellent
  • Sunscreen Lotion, if desired
  • Pocket-size Rain Poncho
  • Spending Money
  • One change of clothing (for fire safety reasons, avoid clothing made primarily of synthetic fabric due to fire safety)
  • Plain shoes or sandals of some kind

Campers should NOT bring

  • Flipflops, crocs, or colorful sneakers
  • Clothes with a camo print
  • Shorts

Participants are not permitted, under any circumstances, to bring: 

  • Modern firearms*
  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Electronic items (exceptions: cameras, cell phones, and flashlights)

*If you wish to bring your own reproduction Rev War-era firearms to your encampment, please contact Camp Flintlock for prior approval.